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The general election is officially here and we’re not wasting any time to organize and mobilize Latinos in support of Vice President Joe Biden. We need all hands on deck because there’s too much at stake for Latinos across the country to sit on the sidelines this election. It’s going to take each and every single Latino, across the country, to come together to defeat Donald Trump.


Will you join us in helping mobilize Latinos in support of Vice President Joe Biden?​

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Why Latino Victory Fund endorsed 

Vice President Joe Biden

Latino Victory Fund was founded on the belief that the path to building and realizing Latino political power is by electing more progressive Latino candidates to all levels of government. While Latinos make up 18% of the population, Latinos are only 1% of elected officials -- Latinas make up less than half of that 1%. Cycle after cycle, we have seen that when Latinos are on the ballot, Latinos turn out to vote. With Latinos becoming the largest non-white ethnic voting bloc of the 2020 election cycle, it is clear that the path to the White House runs through the Latino community. An integral part of turning out Latinos is ensuring that progressive Latino candidates up and down the ballot have the support and resources they need to mobilize our community. Vice President Joe Biden understands that. Throughout his career, Vice President Biden hasn’t just spoken empty platitudes about the need for a Latino candidate pipeline, he has actively worked with us to build it. This is just one of the many reasons why Latino Victory Fund stands with VP Joe Biden. 


With Vice President Biden in the White House, Latinos will have a lifelong dedicated public servant who is committed to advancing and centering many of the top issues Latinos care about. Issues like protecting and building on Obamacare, comprehensive immigration reform within his first week in office and a moratorium on deportations for the first 100 days of his administration, dealing with crushing student loan debt, and so many others. 


Join us in our common goal of defeating Donald Trump and let’s get to work. 




Pledge your support for Vice President Biden to join 

Latinos con Biden!

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A special message from

Vice President Joe Biden:

"I'm incredibly honored to have the support of the Latino Victory Fund. Latinos are the future. They must have a voice — and as president, I will do all in my power to amplify that voice."  

— Vice President Joe Biden

 Latinos con Biden is a grassroots effort to organize and mobilize Latinos in communities across the country in support of Vice President Joe Biden. Are you ready to organize your friends, family, and community to defeat Donald Trump and elect Vice President Biden? Pledge your support now to join Latinos con Biden! 

Pledge your support for Vice President Joe Biden! 
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